When it comes to Italian catering, it’s important to know how much food is enough. While you want to provide your guests with the best Italian food, you also want to make sure you both have enough to feed your guests and prevent any food wastage. With that said, we’ll be sharing some helpful Italian catering tips to help you determine how much food is enough. Keep reading to learn more!

Determine How Many Guests To Expect

The most critical factor in determining how much food is enough is to figure out how many guests will be attending your event. Caterers will need to have an estimate to have a baseline of how much food they can expect to prepare. 

To make things even easier for everyone, it’s a good idea to provide updates to the caterer. For example, if the estimated headcount is around 500, but as the weeks go by this headcount number increases or decreases, then inform the caterer appropriately. Keeping them in the loop will ensure there is enough food for everyone at your event. 

Appetisers Are Important

Appetisers are among the most important foods served at events and gatherings. As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to have between five and 15 appetisers per person. Another useful tip is to keep appetisers basic and to choose one or two appetisers that all—or at least the majority—of your guests will like or tolerate. This can be tricky to figure out, but a good way to do this is by sending out a survey to your guests and asking them what kind of appetisers they would like at the event. This can also help you figure out if you need to offer choices such as vegetarian options.

Lunch & Dinner 

As for lunch and dinner events/gatherings, choose popular Italian foods or send out a survey with a list of 3-5 dinners and lunches. From here, you can choose the most popular choice and serve it for lunch or dinner. Bear in mind that lunches are typically light, which means they will require far less food than dinners. However, this is ultimately a personal preference. 

Additionally, stick to moderate or small portions. This will reduce the chances of people throwing out their food. Not only that, but this will likely result in saving you a little bit of money. 

Italian Catering Tips

Have A Set Schedule For Eating Time

Set a schedule for when the food will be available and stick to it. If there are 100 people attending the event, and they’re expecting food to be available at a specific time, then they could end up leaving if the food isn’t ready at that time. If this happens, then it means a lot of food will be wasted. 

Consider Your Budget

Finally, make sure to consider your budget because this will avoid a lot of problems. The budget plays a major role in how much food will be available at the event. 

Before even contacting the caterer, the budget as well as the menu should be reviewed. The last thing anyone wants is to find out at the last minute that there are foods on the menu that cause everything to go well over the budget. If the budget allows for high-end Italian food, then by all means do it. Otherwise, order food that falls in line with the budget.

Final Thoughts: Contact At The Italian Table For Italian Catering

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