Looking to add a touch of sophistication to your event with exciting and innovative Italian catering? That’s in order! Events revolve mostly around the food, and Italian cuisine is a perfect choice to wow your guests with.  

But should you serve traditional Italian dishes like lasagne, risotto, pizza, and basic pasta dishes or a more formal menu? How about the wines? Making these choices can be a little intimidating, but with the correct Italian caterer, it can be a breeze. 

Before placing an order for Italian catering, though, here are five things you should know:

1). Expect Different Courses

Italy is renowned for being ‘over the top’ in almost all facets of life, and this is true of its culinary philosophies as well. If you frequently eat at Italian restaurants in Australia, for example, you may be used to a single dish, where the main meal and sides are placed together. 

Don’t expect this from your catering service! They’ve got a whole lot of courses, although you’re not obligated to order every course. Some of them (but not limited to) include:

• Antipasti (appetizers)

• Primi (first courses—such as pasta or risotto)

• Secondi (second courses—typically meat or seafood)

• Contorni (side dishes)

• Dolci (desserts)

• Caffe (post-dinner espresso)

• Digestivi (after-dinner liqueurs)

Having said that, you need to know the number of courses you need for your event and which foods fall under each category. For that though, your proficient Italian catering service in Australia should offer a comprehensive guide. 

2). Portion Sizes Tend To Be Smaller

If you’re a regular at Italian restaurants, you probably already know this, but it’s worth mentioning before you eliminate the number of courses for your Italian event. Meal portions tend to be smaller than most (about 1 cup cooked which is around the size of a baseball), but that’s just because they typically have four or five servings. 

Smaller portions also help guests finish what they order. Kindly note, however, that most Italian catering services can make portion sizes as small or large as you want but if you really want to be an authentic Italian fan, you’ve got to respect the standard!

Italian Catering

3). They Customise Their Offerings to Fit Your Event

When most people think of Italian catering services, they think of grand, chic, and variety—it’s the nature of Italian cuisine. Don’t be fooled into thinking that that’s all Italian catering is limited to! Italian caterers can customise their menu to fit any kind of event.

For instance, at a corporate event where people have limited time, a full sit-down meal would be out of the question. But that does not mean that Italian catering is off the menu. They can simply prepare finger foods and appetizers such as fried calamari or fried mushrooms which are crowd-pleasers and go well with a variety of dipping sauces. On the other hand, they can serve a full course Italian meal in galas where people have time to sit down and eat.

4). Expect Picture Perfect Presentation Details

There’s a reason why bloggers love sharing Italian food photos—the food is always well presented! That remains the case when you order Italian catering services. They put in the work to make each dish appear beautiful. And let’s be honest, there’s just something about beautifully presented food!

5). Type of Food

You can’t go wrong with Italian food, but what should you expect when ordering Italian catering services? Ultimately, every service is different, but typically, you can anticipate a wide variety of Italian cuisine like:

• cavatelli bolognese

• spaghetti with meat sauce

• pizza

• bruschetta

• chicken parmigiana

• chicken piccata

• meat lasagna

• stuffed shells

Let At The Italian Table Cater Your Event

Today, small intimate dinner parties in our backyards have become the in-thing. Whether that’s just you and a friend, your partner or spouse, your family, or a few close friends, it’s all about entertaining at home right now. 

If you need a one-of-a-kind event be it an intimate dinner, birthday, or wedding, At The Italian Table is your best bet for detailed perfection. We have numerous event menu options that will showcase your prowess as a true Italian! Let us help you host and entertain with zero stress! 

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