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At The Italian Table offers quality and affordable corporate and office catering services in Sydney. We cater to Corporate Dinners, Business Lunches, Fashion Shows, Retail Events, Client Meetings and more. It has never been easier to organise your corporate catering needs than with At The Italian Table! We prepare fresh, high-quality and delicious food for your office events!


Planning a special event in Sydney and looking for highly-reputed private chefs near you? Private party catering and private dinner catering are becoming more popular in Sydney because of the sheer quality and convenience they offer. At The Italian Table, we believe in healthy, fresh cuisine ensuring your guests will be delighted with the wholesome variety at their tables. That’s why our private chef catering services are in such demand in Sydney!

You can count on our private chef and corporate lunch services for those special occasions in Sydney. With our top private event catering services, you will be able to relax and make sure your guests enjoy the event because we will handle the event according to your requirements.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Private Chef

At The Italian Table is well known for private home catering, private dinner catering as well as lavish corporate lunch catering. Let our amazing personal chef service make your next event something memorable for you and the guests. We have a range of services so you can choose the ideal one for your event. With our private chef catering services, you can be sure everything will be taken care of just as you like it. With At The Italian Table handling your catering, your guests will have exceptional cuisine and unmatched service.

If you’re starting to consider the advantages of hiring quality Italian catering in Sydney, you’ll want to know about the private chef catering services from At The Italian Table. Yes, we are the go-to Italian catering service near you!


If you or a person in your family follows a restrictive diet like Ketogenic, vegan, or gluten-free, you know how difficult it can be to find suitable food specially when eating out.

However, a personal chef at home can prepare mouthwatering meals for you based on any specialised diet, even ones you’ve never heard of before. Your private chef at home will prepare nutritious meals so that you and the family can sit back and enjoy.

Discover Their Techniques

Having a private home chef can teach you how to make nutritious, time-efficient meals for your family. When first starting out with a new diet, it can be challenging to find recipes that everyone will relish.

To help you learn what foods complement one another and how to begin preparing them, our private chef in Sydney can also provide you with some broad guidelines for cooking.

We Help You To Maintain Your Health Goals

It’s much easier to stick to a healthy diet and avoid temptation when there’s no fast food in the house or takeaway meals. With the help of our private chef catering services, you and your family can rest assured that there will always be nutritious and yummy food on hand.

Your private chef at home will prepare as many or as few meals per day as you specify. While some families only need a chef for dinners, others want someone to take care of all their meals, from breakfast to dessert.

Private Chef Vs. Personal Chef

Seeking A Sydney-based Private Chef?

Our mission is to improve the productivity and ease of your life. You can get more out of life when you also hire a private chef for special functions in Sydney. Our private chef catering services will handle the event from start to finish, leaving you to enjoy the function, along with your guests.

So if you are searching for ‘private event catering near me’, contact At The Italian Table and get started on your event. We also provide corporate lunch catering and private party catering services in Sydney.

Hiring a private chef from At The Italian Table frees you up to socialise with your guests and keep them entertained while the meal is being prepared.

Now you should have a firm grasp on the many reasons why hiring private dinner catering or private chef catering is a sensible choice whenever hosting guests in Sydney. Hire our Italian catering services in Sydney for your next event and taste the difference! Call us on 0467 488 310 today for an appointment.

Corporate Events Catering Services FAQs

A corporate catering service can help a company or business in executing a successful event at the workplace. Corporate catering is convenient and can help you save on the cost of food and drinks while ensuring quality and satisfaction.

Catering is the business of offering food service at a remote site where people have gathered for a specific purpose.

  • Drop-off/Delivery Catering: This is where the caterers prepare the food off-premises and delivery it to the venue or event for serving.
  • Private Full-Service Catering: This involves chefs, event planners and waiting staff coming to a venue to coordinate what guests will eat and drink at the event.
Catering companies coordinate the preparation, creation, delivery and presentation of food for guests at events like wedding receptions, birthday parties, bridal showers, office parties and many others.
A catering business has the potential of being wildly successful, enjoyable and fulfilling. This business allows you to please people with your love for food.
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