Personal Chefs

At The Italian Table offers quality and affordable corporate and office catering services in Sydney. We cater to Corporate Dinners, Business Lunches, Fashion Shows, Retail Events, Client Meetings and more. It has never been easier to organise your corporate catering needs than with At The Italian Table! We prepare fresh, high-quality and delicious food for your office events!


If you’re too busy to shop for groceries and prepare healthy meals, a personal chef near you could be a lifesaver. At The Italian Table offers a convenient personal chef near you if you find it difficult to provide your family with nutritious, freshly-prepared meals on a daily basis. With us, you can hire a personal chef for a dinner party or a personal chef for a night! Our private chefs will arrive at your home, where they will prepare a variety of tasty dishes for you to enjoy with your family over the course of the week. Read on if you’re curious about the advantages of hiring us as your private chef or personal chef. Our birthday food catering services will also make your next event special. What’s more, you will find the cost of our personal chef for a night is affordable too.
At The Italian Table is well known for private home catering, private dinner catering as well as lavish corporate lunch catering. Let our amazing personal chef service make your next event something memorable for you and the guests. We have a range of services so you can choose the ideal one for your event. With our private chef catering services, you can be sure everything will be taken care of just as you like it. With At The Italian Table handling your catering, your guests will have exceptional cuisine and unmatched service. If you’re starting to consider the advantages of hiring quality Italian catering in Sydney, you’ll want to know about the private chef catering services from At The Italian Table. Yes, we are the go-to Italian catering service near you!


Hiring a personal chef for a dinner party offers the most obvious advantage of convenience. When you have a full work and family schedule, finding time to cook can feel like a daunting task. Hiring personal chef services relieves stress because you know dinner will be prepared and delicious. Hiring a personal chef for a night will also give you the freedom to plan any event at home or anywhere else without the hassle of handling the catering yourself. Many people, erroneously, believe that only the wealthy can afford to hire their own personal chefs. The opposite is true with At The Italian Table. Hiring the personal chef services means having someone else take care of menu planning, shopping, and preparation. In this way, you can spend less money on food each day of the week. The cost of a personal chef near you could be cheaper than you expect so call At The Italian Table for more details.


It can be challenging to put together the ideal eating plan for you and your family unless you have a strong interest in food and cooking. However, with our private chef service, we’ll work with you to design a menu that’s tailored to the dietary requirements of your family and any guests. Our personal chefs will get to know you and your preferences by asking you questions about your eating habits, food allergies, and the level of nutrition you desire in your meals. Your answers to these questions will be used to create a customised diet plan for you and your loved ones. Even if members of your family have very different tastes, our personal chef services have you covered. Our private chef near you will make sure that you and your family members all get exactly what you asked for, down to the last detail.


Have you ever wanted to throw a fancy birthday party but weren’t sure you could pull it off because of your lack of culinary expertise? Having a private chef for a dinner party to handle the birthday food catering is a surefire way to impress your guests and take the load off your back. Hiring a skilled cook frees you to be the best host possible while you and your guests revel in an unforgettable evening.


If you’d rather have someone else do the cooking for you, a personal chef service is available, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pitch in and pick up some skills. When you hire a chef for a dinner party, you will be getting someone who is truly passionate about food and cooking. They will likely have some useful insights to offer, giving you valuable culinary skills. Our personal chefs near you are always happy to offer advice on how you can improve your own cooking skills.


How do these fantastic advantages sound to you? At The Italian Table offers personal chef services at affordable costs for those who want a trained professional with a genuine love of good food to come to their home and prepare nutritious and appetising meals for the family and guests. Contact us on 0467 488 310 today to hire a chef for a night so that you and your loved ones can start enjoying the high-quality meals you deserve or use our amazing birthday food catering services for that magical party.