Italian catering never goes wrong, whether it’s for a big wedding event, a business gathering, or a private party with close friends and family. Why is that? Italian cuisine is flavourful and interesting. From Italian appetizers, desserts, wine, and culture—what’s not to love?

If you’re looking for Italian catering, you might be wondering, ‘Which Italian catering service should I choose?’ In this article, we’re going to be talking about what makes a good Italian catering service. Keep on reading to learn more!

1.) Good Food

Food plays a big role in throwing any party, especially an Italian-themed one. You may be considering serving classic Italian dishes such as pizza, risotto, or lasagne. You might even consider going the extra mile of serving a full-course formal Italian meal. Whatever the case, you need an Italian catering service that can deliver all types of Italian meals that suit your needs and preferences. 

To achieve the full Italian experience, look for an Italian food catering service that offers authentic Italian food. You can consider going for a tasting to confirm how good their food is and whether it meets your standards. Offering authentic Italian food will be the highlight of your party and leave your guests talking about it for many years to come!

2.) Attention to Detail

Having authentic food at your party is only part of the experience. You also need to make sure your catering service has a good table set up and orderly staff. When you go for a tasting, ask for a mock dining experience to see their table set-up and how well their chef and other staff conduct themselves. What’s their level of attentiveness? You can then determine whether they offer the best type of service for your party or event. 

3.) Reliable References

A good catering service should have you coming back for more. Having said that, an exceptional Italian catering service will happily provide references from recent catering events or online reviews. Testimonials are a tried and tested way of verifying that the company is a good caterer!

4.) Licensed

As with all professional services, caterers need to be licensed by the local health departments. This shows that they are compliant and aware of the health code variations for the safety of you and your guests. After all, you definitely don’t want your guests falling ill after your party! The right company will provide such details because they know it’s the details that make all the difference.

5.) Availability and Transparency 

What’s the availability of the catering company on the day or night of your event? Ask the caterer how many employees they expect to bring. Buffet-style meals need at least two servers for every 25 guests, plus an additional two to three runners for each group. Dinners that are served at a table can do with one waiter and drink servers at a table of 8. 

Good Italian Catering Service

Hosting a Dinner Party? Here are Some Tips! 

At The Italian Table offers exemplary catering services to all our clients be they corporate or individuals. However, if you want to make your event more authentically Italian, here are some extra tips on how to host an Italian-themed party like a professional:

• Set The Mood

What’s an Italian dinner without the Italian mood? Set the mood by queueing up your favourite Italian playlists for your event. If you’re new to the genre, don’t fret! You could do classical opera, Italian-American sounds, and even contemporary Italian music with Lucio Battisti and others. One thing is for sure, you can’t go wrong with Italian music!

• Aperitivo Time

This is Italian happy hour and the best way to kick off your Italian dinner party. If your event is in the evening, you could start your aperitivo time anywhere from 5 to 8 PM and offer any drink from the numerous options available. Remember to try bittersweet liqueurs with a low alcohol content to open up your guests’ palates and stimulate their appetite!

• Style Your Italian Dinner Party

An authentic Italian dinner party starts with the table – La Tavola. That said, there should be red wine, still and sparkling water and everyone should be facing and adjacent to another visitor. You should place your food at the centre of the table in large bowls to bring out the true nature of Italian dinners. 

• Divertiti – Have Fun!

It’s an Italian-style dinner party, have fun and make merry. Relax, mingle, enjoy, and get others to do so! Buon appetite!

At The Italian Table Provides The Best Italian Catering Services 

Ready to throw a major crowd-pleaser? At The Italian Table offers delectable cuisine, commits to exceptional service, and will help you go Italian like a pro. 

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